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Month: September 2016

Insect Fair (Tokyo) ?>

Insect Fair (Tokyo)

I joined Insect Fair, which is an annual event selling insect specimens at Otemachi, Tokyo. Total 1,200 m2 area was occupied for this event, but this was not enough to accommodate many visitors. I felt difficulty to walk around the aisles because of the crowdedness. The visitors have diversities, including man and women, children, adults and seniors. Since the photo-taking is prohibited in the event area, I will describe the event based on my experience and memory. In the middle…

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“Pheromone” by Christopher Marley ?>

“Pheromone” by Christopher Marley

If you like beautiful insects, I recommend you a photo-book provided by Christopher Marley. In his book “Pheromone”, we can see colorful insects arranged in an artistic pattern at real size. This book broadened my view on insects. Before I read this book, scarab beetles were not my interest because they do not have spectacular appearance. However, I changed my mind after seeing their shiny metallic colored species in the book. Also beautiful weevils in this book turned to be…

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