“Pheromone” by Christopher Marley ?>

“Pheromone” by Christopher Marley

If you like beautiful insects, I recommend you a photo-book provided by Christopher Marley. In his book “Pheromone”, we can see colorful insects arranged in an artistic pattern at real size.

This book broadened my view on insects. Before I read this book, scarab beetles were not my interest because they do not have spectacular appearance. However, I changed my mind after seeing their shiny metallic colored species in the book. Also beautiful weevils in this book turned to be one of my favorite.

What is interesting about the author is, although he provides beautiful insect photography, he did not like insects at all first. The story why he changed his mind and started using insects for his artpiece is introduced in his book.

His transition from a phobic to a lover of insects seems making his product unique. He often tucks the legs of insects under their body because he believes that the legs of insects make people uncomfortable.

He says what bugged him most about the little creatures were their legs:

“It’s the legs that propel them. It’s the legs that get stuck on you. The experiences I’ve had with bugs – I mean, you can’t get them off you once they’re on you, you know?”


A native insect lover would not come to this idea.

His published his latest photo-book last year.
I may report it if I got this book.

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