Dandelion seed puffs preserved in resin ?>

Dandelion seed puffs preserved in resin

In this post I will share you how to make dandelion seed puffs preserved in resin. This is a practice for me to make a stag beetle specimen in resin (P.S. please also see a stag beetle in a hemispherical resin).

Below pictures are what I made.

Dandelion in resin
Dandelion in resin
Things to prepare
・Epoxy resin
・Silicone mold
・Release agent
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How to make it
1. Collect a dandelion bud.
2. Dry it in your room. The bud will open spontaneously.
3. Coat the silicone mold with the release agent.
4. Put the bud into the silicone mold.
5. Mix the resin in accordance to the instruction and pour it into the mold
6. Leave it for 24-36 h.
7. Complete.
– Starting from a bud will make the product better than from a fully opened puff.
– 4. and 5. are exchangeable.
– Follow the instruction of the resin (ventilation, wearing personal protective equipment) for safety.

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