Insect Science Museum (Taiwan) ?>

Insect Science Museum (Taiwan)

Today I introduce you a Taiwan museum where a huge number of specimens are collected.

The museum is inside Taipei Chenggong High School. You can walk  from Shandao Temple Station (善導寺).

The Butterfly Palace of Taipei Chenggong High School is a very large butterfly specimen exhibition hall in Taiwan, and also the largest museum of specimens in the world. The venue is rich in its collection of insects, including: butterflies, stag beetles, rhinoceros beetles, scarab beetles, moths and stick insects. There are also many model specimens, such as gynandromorph butterflies and mutant species. A total of 4,000 different species, 750 boxes and nearly 40,000 specimens were collected by the Butterfly Palace. Travel Taipei

Insect Science Museum in Taiwan


I did not take a picture inside because photo-taking was prohibited. We can see inside through a TV program uploaded on youtube (Please see the scene from 0:43).

I remember the half of the specimens were butterflies. Also there are many specimens of other insects from around the world.

The museum is open to the general public at 10:00-16:00 on Saturday. You can visit without reservation.

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